The Health Benefits of Skyr

Skyr, Icelandic cultured yoghurt is getting more popular and can be found in all supermarkets these days. Skyr is an excellent vegetarian source of protein.

What is skyr, and how is it made?

Good Nutrition Healthy Life

Increasing your vegetable or fruit intake might not be an easy task and doing more physical activity is no different. Even though organic produce is not sprayed with chemicals, you might feel that they are more expensive for you to accommodate them in your daily diet. But what if we can get it all by simply spending some quality time in the back garden every day. According to Harvard Medical School, 30 minutes of general gardening could help you burn between 135 to 200 calories depending on your weight.

Cancer risk: How dangerous is our food?

Food Standard Agency has informed the possible cancer risk caused by eating acrylamide containing foods. Acrylamide can bind to our DNA, cause mutation and lead to cancer. According to Cancer Research UK, evidence from animal studies has shown that acrylamide in food could be a potential risk to cancer, but the results have been mixed or inadequate in human studies,”

The Sunshine Vitamin

Winter is rolling in and it is now time to focus on one important vitamin - vitamin D or the sunshine vitamin. Getting healthy levels of vitamin D is difficult in meagre sunlight, especially if you have dark skin. Usually we don’t have to worry about it in summer as vitamin D can be synthesized in the skin in response to sun’s ultraviolet rays by converting subcutaneous cholesterol to vitamin D.

A gut reaction

I recently had an opportunity to write a featured article about digestive health in the spring edition of International Therapist journal. Take a look at the photos. Feel free to email me to get a readable copy!

A gut reaction

Soft and Moist Vegan Christmas Pudding

Christmas isn’t Christmas for many of us without a traditional pudding. I would prefer to make it at home when buying it from local supermarket is the easiest option. But the decision to make it at home gives us the option to choose healthiest ingredients with high nutritive value.

How to treat Hay fever naturally

Number of hay fever sufferers doubled this year due to climate change and increase in pollution. Hay fever season usually starts in the March and it will last until late August. Hay fever symptoms are very difficult to cope with and it can affect the quality of your life. Long term suffering may lead to sinusitis and asthma.

Healthy summer BBQ tips

Finally, we are blessed with sunny evenings and weekends.. The long wait is over. It’s officially now the season of BBQs and picnics. Smell of sizzles, cool refreshing drinks, fun and happiness - What else you need? It is easy to slip into the processed meat eating habit during the season. So here are some tips and recipes for you to keep your family healthy.


  1. When choosing meat, avoid processed meat products like sausages, burgers, meat balls etc., instead use fresh lean cut meat fillets marinated in homemade sauces or spice blends. This way you will be able to avoid unwanted stuffs like preservatives, additives, artificial flavourings or colours, sugar and excessive salt.
  2. Use white meat like chicken, duck or turkey instead of red meat.  Cut down on saturated fat by following this simple step.
  3. Cook delicate fishes in foil. Strong meaty fishes like sea breams or king prawns don’t even need foil wrapping. Oily fishes like salmon, mackerel, sardines, tuna etc. are good source of Omega 3 oils. Get health giving essential oil while you have fun.
  4. Marinate your meat or fish at least few hours ago and keep them refrigerated to let the flavours get to know each other. Adding spices and herbs enhance flavour and that means you can cut down on salt.
  5. Don’t forget your veggies when you go meat crazy. Have a nice salad with your BBQ or Cook them with your meat on a skewer or stuff them in pitta pockets, or whole meal bread or wraps along with meat. Add homemade salsa, guacamole or pesto to your BBQ meal. This way you will get more veggie goodness without even noticing it!!
  6. Follow balanced whole food diet even when you BBQ. Include wholegrain pitta bread or wraps or buns or breads. Buy those with seeds if possible.
  7. Barbecued fruits on skewers are ideal sweet way to end your BBQ. Try apples, nectarines, pineapples and serve them with natural fat free yogurt and mint. Easy and Yum!
  8. Avoid alcohol; instead try some sparkling water mixed with juice or lemon juice or lime juice.

Stay hydrated, have fun and don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion!smiley

7 Nutrient Rich Smoothies

After weeks of over indulgence, non-stop eating and drinking you may want to detox your body and boost your immunity. Here are seven smoothie recipes packed with fruits and vegetables. All the smoothies are highly nutritious and made in a way to get different types of antioxidants from different smoothies. Pink Rice smoothie from this smoothie series has been picked up by Guardian News paper and published in Saturday cook section.


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