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How to treat Hay fever naturally

Number of hay fever sufferers doubled this year due to climate change and increase in pollution. Hay fever season usually starts in the March and it will last until late August. Hay fever symptoms are very difficult to cope with and it can affect the quality of your life. Long term suffering may lead to sinusitis and asthma.

Watermelon and cantaloupe ball salad with coconut milk dressing

Every year, from the first day of spring onwards, we all foresee a picnic and wait for the perfect sunny day. This is what I made recently when we went for the first picnic of the year. It’s the cool, refreshing, sweet effect of this salad is the main tempting thing and your family will be asking you to make it for every picnic.

Spaghetti with swiss chard and peas

This is a light and nutritious recipe that is perfect to enjoy any sunny evening. Swiss chard and mint I used in this recipe comes from my small back garden. There are plenty of them at the moment and my mind is in a constant process of finding ways to use them up. The beautiful red and yellow stalks of swiss chard added extra bite to my recipe, but you can use store bought swiss chard if you don’t grow them.

Serves 3

One pot comfort meal: Slow cooked Chicken Cacciatore with Penne recipe

A healthy & comforting warm dinner that is ideal for sharing and incredibly easy to make; and it comes with slow energy releasing carbohydrates.

This recipe was originally published in the food and drink/ lifestyle section of Yahoo on 19th June 2014. Please click on the link below to read:

Minty Melon Drink

Very refreshing, cool drink. Ideal for picnics and BBQs.


Mint leaves – few sprigs
Honey dew melon – 2 Cups
Juice of half a lemon


Blend everything together. Decorate with Mint Leaves and serve chilled.


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