Introducing Neuro-Linguistic Programming

The last sentence of my last blog was like this: If I can do it, anybody can do it. That was a twist from the presupposition in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which is, ‘if someone can do it, anyone can do it.’ Presuppositions can be used as a generalisation technique to view a person, situation or object without bias, often to change a deeply rooted belief or perception. Changing the belief may help to change the way someone responds to something.

NLP uses many techniques like this which can be helpful to make positive changes to your health, diet, and lifestyle or even other areas of life. It will give you the right tools to build a thought process that will enable you to be confident, change something negative into positive, set a goal, stick with a plan or goal, overcome a fear or a traumatic situation. The possibilities are endless, you can even apply it to your workplace.

I will be applying NLP soon to help all my clients at Nutriadvice. I have now completed the Foundation Level of NLP and will be getting the Advanced Level NLP Practitioner qualification in spring 2019.

So, stay tuned!!



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