Sweet,Sour & Spicy Root Salad

Colourful nutritious salad. Celeriac can be replaced with carrots as well.

Celeriac - 1/2 - peel and cut into chunks
Beetroot - 3 - peel and cut into chunks
Wild rocket leaves - 1 cup
Lemon Juice - 3 tbsp
Red Onion - 1/2 - finely chopped
Green Chilli -1- finely chopped
Salt - 1/2 tsp

Cook celeriac in boiling salty water and drain the excess water. Steam cook beet roots. Let both root vegetable pieces cool.
In to a mortar add lemon juice, red onion and green chilli. Using a pestle crush the finely chopped onion and chilli. Do not grind the pieces in salad dressing.
Now in to a bowl mix beetroot pieces, celeriac pieces and rocket leaves. Pour the salad dressing on top and mix. Enjoy.



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